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Season of Beauty ~ March 31

Season of Beauty, March 31


Easter is No April Fools


Okay, can I be the first to admit that I love a coordinated family picture??? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one!


When I know a holiday is coming, I fervently look for harmonizing outfits for every member of my family. And this year Easter is Kelly green at my house. From my dress to my husband and son’s bow ties we are color coordinated! I think it may be a disease to care this much… but I do and maybe you do too!


So how can we pick family coordinating, not matching (unless you have girls, then match away ladies) outfits for that perfect family picture?


I like to start with one member. And selfishly, because I don’t have girls, I pick me first! I actually started with our Juniper Long Annabelles from Pierce and Ivy. They are fantastic and the perfect color for Easter! I found a beautiful mint trumpet sleeve dress with black and white flowers all over. I’m pairing it with black and white gingham bow toed flats for a mix of patterns. Now that I’m done, I can move on to my boys.


Boys are not as much fun as girls. No dresses, no fun shoes, but they can wear bow ties! And my boys have politely agreed to rock the bow tie this Easter. Like I mentioned I try not to match, but to coordinate. I find those small pieces to bring a color thru each outfit to help frame the family in a one great picture. Not too matchy-matchy, but definitely planned for.


It’s so enjoyable to plan for all the fun activities of hosting family and making memories. What I am so thankful for this Easter is to be surrounded by great family (coordinating or not) that celebrates the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the new beginning of everything. I pray you find new beginnings this Easter in your life, your family, and your beauty!


Every season has beauty and every beauty has a season!


Tiffany Bergh, Fashion Director