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Season of Beauty ~ JULY 27

It’s Not Fall Yet!!! 

Marketing Director 

Rachel Higginson

I looked at the calendar yesterday and lamented that there are only three weeks till school starts. I had a suspicion it was sneaking up on us with all the Back to School signs and school supplies overtaking the stores. There are fall sales already happening city-wide and the color palettes in the clothing departments are turning warmer.

But it’s not fall yet! We’re still clinging to summer and warm weather and all those bright colors we love so much.

So don’t let the clever advertising of your favorite superstore trick your style into something you’re not ready for. Live in the moment. And this moment is screaming SUMMER!

Neons and whites, corals and Malibu blues. We love every bright tone we can find this season. Our summer collection is packed full of beautiful hues that are right on trend with your other summer favorites. And the best part? They’re great transition colors when we finally do have to give in to autumn. Check out our current collection and soak up every last summer-sun filled day.