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Season of Beauty, March 16


Spring Got You Green

By Tiffany Bergh, Fashion Director


Whether you’re Irish or you just love a good holiday, today is the day to wear your favorite shade of green. My favorite thing about green is it reminds me of life, new growth and beginnings. The same as spring! I love the hope that comes with a new season. And because I love shopping, clothing and creating outfits, I love the opportunity for new creativity. 


Green is one of those great colors that brightens up everyone. Now every shade of green is not perfect for every person, but there is one out there for you, I promise. Pierce and Ivy has brought a few great ones to you in our Spring Collection. Check out the Avocado Stellas or the Juniper Annabelles and Fraziers! They are GORGEOUS!


Like trying any bold color or print, a great way to start is with small accessories. Like EARRINGS of course and also clutches, shoes and bracelets. Covering yourself right out of the gate in a new color or print can be terrifying. Instead, add it in a little at a time. Take a deep breath, you will ROCK it!


If you’re like me, though, dive in head first! I love a bold dress or top that make a statement. Pair with dark denim or even black denim to keep it season appropriate and soon you’ll be breaking out those white jeans! Have fun and wear what you love!


Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Every season has beauty and every beauty has a season!